20210727-005922 – #facts

I honestly never saw or heard anyone say “we’re yield-estimating at 99,63%* accuracy”. but at the same time I never seen a wireless sensor network uptime of 99,997%**, also realtime ndvi out at the field***, flex-body-semi-autonomous-UGV****, multi-formula-multispectral-realtime-video-processing***** too. I use bleeding edge hardware & software to create next-level-agricultural-things. just beware of this fact. so, ifContinue reading “20210727-005922 – #facts”

20210722-135410 – #AntiCryptoMining

it is a well known fact that I love nature. this planet is a beautiful place. the life evolved here for over 4.5bn years made this watery rocky mixture a habitable heaven for most of the species. but then homo sapiens came along and messed almost everything up. our greed is literally destroying everything. forContinue reading “20210722-135410 – #AntiCryptoMining”

20210720-211304 – #righttorepair

In a bid about wireless sensor networks I’ve specifically written “right to repair”. business people & patent attorneys said “no, we won’t cover the know-how theft damages” and we couldn’t get the deal. I always -hated- steve jobs like people who are chasing some unreal dream – that – tech must be user friendly. no,Continue reading “20210720-211304 – #righttorepair”

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