20210722-135410 – #AntiCryptoMining

it is a well known fact that I love nature. this planet is a beautiful place. the life evolved here for over 4.5bn years made this watery rocky mixture a habitable heaven for most of the species. but then homo sapiens came along and messed almost everything up.

our greed is literally destroying everything. for “industrial revolution” we started burning coal, then discovered it’s liquid form and now using nuclear power and so on to fuck this planet up.

a few days ago I’ve seen this news, a fucking nuclear reactor powered fucking cryptocoin mining. I mean what the actual fuck is wrong with these people? nuclear reactor is warming up the planet by using a nuclear chain reaction to boil water to power the turbines, then turbines generate electricity to power computers and they heat up again to generate some shitcoins for buying weed?

what the fuck is wrong with this humans?

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