20210720-211304 – #righttorepair

In a bid about wireless sensor networks I’ve specifically written “right to repair”. business people & patent attorneys said “no, we won’t cover the know-how theft damages” and we couldn’t get the deal. I always -hated- steve jobs like people who are chasing some unreal dream – that – tech must be user friendly. no, it won’t be user friendly. Tech is hard, complicated, tough. You have to know how it works and you have to know how to operate it, because if you don’t know how to operate it, you come to people like me to ask “how can I do this – that?” it is wasting my time, twice, both for learning it and fixing your simple problem.

At the same time tech must be open, repairable and upgradeable. but in real life… It is “apple” that is breaking records of selling dumb devices “normal” people and normal people are just “consumers”. I have never had an iphone and I’m not considering getting it as my daily driver, even if I get one, I only use that device as a backup “camera” and that will be it. using an iphone is, I imagine, being an artist and living in north korea. Ironically I use an apple computer as my daily driver, but it is the cheapest version and I didn’t even paid for it but I have done tons of modifications both at software & hardware level to make it work as similar as a Linux machine and I also added Wine64 for “idiot” works.

So I ask, haven’t we had enough with this low IQ consumerism? when this cycle is going to stop? Open Source Software & Revolution started… but killed by giants, now they are -acting- like defending them is just funny. yes, I’m talking about you microspy.


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